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IX. prepararse para los problemas

Los problemas ocurrirán, es la forma en que responda a ellos lo que sus invitados recordarán y reflejarán en sus comentarios.  Siempre es una buena idea ofrecer a su invitado un pequeño reembolso o dejar una botella de vino o una caja de pasteles si algo sale mal.  La pequeña inversión contribuirá en gran medida a solucionar problemas más pequeños que pueden convertirse en una bola de nieve.

It is important to always be polite and keep your cool when responding to a problem, even if it is not your fault.  Always try to address the problem directly with the guest before involving Airbnb. 

Airbnb is extremely supportive of its hosts, especially Superhosts.  Airbnb customer care operators have been extremely helpful through the four years that I have been working with them, and they generally appear to understand my side of an issue.

Have a list of local repairpersons, including a plumber, an electrician, an HVAC person, and a handyman. 

Something is inevitably going to break.  And then it’s going to happen again.  While we try not to go cheap in our apartments, we make sure not to furnish them with items that will be too expensive to replace.

Like with all other insurance coverage, the Host Guarantee has several limitations that you are responsible for understanding. 

Airbnb telephone numbers are notoriously difficult to find.  Here is a list of numbers.  It may be outdated, but some of the numbers indeed work.

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