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tercero Configuración de un espacio de alquiler amigable para los huéspedes

Hay varios elementos que se unen para crear un alquiler amigable para los huéspedes.  Más allá de los elementos imprescindibles, como muebles y ropa de cama, brindarles a sus invitados un espacio limpio, ropa de cama fresca y una manera fácil de registrarse, todo se une para brindarle a su invitado una experiencia de cinco estrellas.


Give your guests options


Always use white linens


Looks are important

Optional amenities

power adapters are a plus


Comfortable mattress



As the short-term rental market gets more competitive, guests expect a certain level of service and basic items.  You cannot just rent an empty room or apartment.  While items a guest needs like a bed and a refrigerator are readily apparent, through experience, we’ve found other not-so-obvious amenities that our guests cannot do without. Read more...

Providing your guest with a clean, well-organized space is one of the keys to running a successful Airbnb business.  You can have a beautiful rental filled with amenities and extras, but if it’s not clean, your business will not thrive. Read more...

Laundry is the second most challenging thing about being a host, after cleaning.  You need to change every piece of linen and every towel.  Every time.  This includes bedspreads and mattress covers.  Read more...

One of the most common mistakes Airbnb hosts make is to put their old furniture in their rental.  If you hate that old couch or your beloved aunt’s ancient dining set, your potential guests will probably hate it too.  If it looks old and tired to you, it is going to look old and tired to them.  Read more...

Many guests arrive late at night or early in the morning, and a personal key exchange may not work well.  While allowing 24-hour and self check-in may be stressful at first, it will really make a difference in the amount of business you will attract.  It is also a requirement for being listed as “business travel ready.”  Read more...

Optional amenities like shampoo, coffee, etc. can increase your value rating and make your guests’ stay even more enjoyable.  Read more...

7. Safety

Providing your guest with a safe space is key.  

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La limpieza y la lavandería son, con mucho, los dos aspectos más difíciles de administrar un negocio de hospedaje a corto plazo.  Sin embargo, no son imposibles.  Debe planificar y ajustar para encontrar los mejores métodos de limpieza y lavado para usted.    

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