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5. How the Airbnb Resolution center process works

When damage occurs, hosts must go to the Resolution Center to open a claim and upload photographs and receipts.  If the host charges a security deposit, the guest will be asked to agree to release the entire deposit or a portion of it to pay for the damages.  If the guest refuses, the claim moves to Airbnb mediation, where a mediator decides whether you get reimbursed for the damages or not. 

If a host does not charge a security deposit, Airbnb’s Host Guarantee will kick in.  Airbnb first asks the guest to pay for the damage.  If the guest is unwilling or unable to pay, the Host Guarantee should provide support.

Like with all other insurance coverage, the Host Guarantee has several limitations that you are responsible for understanding.  You can see a list of frequently asked questions and the full terms of the Host Guarantee on Airbnb’s site.

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