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3. Laundry

Laundry is the second most challenging thing about being a host, after cleaning.  You need to change every piece of linen and every towel.  Every time.  This includes bedspreads and mattress covers.

We still do all the laundry for our 4 units and it is not fun.  Scheduling and making time for laundry is key.  However, you should not feel like you need to do all the laundry yourself, since it takes up a lot of time.  There are plenty of laundry services out there, we just find that it doesn’t make financial sense for us and we already have the equipment, time and space.

White linens

It is KEY to use white sheets and towels. This makes it easier to wash, bleach, and replace piece by piece.  We use the Target wrinkle free white sheets- they dry quickly and are easier to fold.  We also go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and clean them out of good-quality white sheets when we find them.

To add color to the room, use colorful blankets, duvet covers, shams and decorative pillows.

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