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VI. welcoming your first guests

Once your listing is published, you need to try to get the first few reviews quickly, so that your star rating is visible next to your listing title.  This will happen once you get three reviews.  It is also important that these first few ratings be five stars, as they set the tone for your business.

During this time, you must listen to guest suggestions and complaints, and take action immediately.  It is impossible to anticipate everything that your guest may need, but it is important to handle guest requests and complaints promptly and professionally.

Before you are ready to welcome your first guest, do a quick dry run of your unit.  Invite a friend or spend the night in your unit yourself with the mindset of a guest.  

If possible, try to meet your first few guests, either when they check in, or soon after they arrive. 

It is not difficult to exceed a guest’s expectations.  You can pick flowers from your garden or leave a bottle of champagne if you know your guests are celebrating a special occasion. 

Make sure your guests know that you are always available and make sure you clearly state your preferred method of communication. 

On Airbnb, stars don’t appear next to your title until you have three reviews, so try to get those as fast as possible and try to make them five stars.  

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