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v. Getting ready for guests

Before you welcome any guests, there are several things that you should do to ensure a five-star stay starting with your first guest.  These include accepting and declining requests the right way, focusing on communication, anticipating basic guest needs, mastering cleaning and laundry, providing a safe space, considering a security deposit and never doing business outside of Airbnb.  

You should reply to requests immediately, or at least within the hour. 

Communication is another factor that your guests rate you on.  Make sure to download the Airbnb cell phone app, and set your phone to receive message alerts so that you can get any requests or messages immediately

Most guests will have a basic set of needs and questions.  You can answer most questions in your welcome email, but a binder can be extremely helpful in helping your guests get their bearings and making sure they don’t miss any of your favorite spots.

Cleanliness is the single most important factor in your success as an Airbnb host.  If your space is not clean, you will never make it to Superhost status.  This is the reason we discuss cleaning in several sections

Laundry has been one of the most difficult things to master in our Airbnb business.

Some hosts charge a security deposit; many do not.  Make sure that you fully understand Airbnb’s $1,000,000 Host Guarantee and decide whether you need a deposit or require additional insurance. 

Both you and your guests need to feel safe when you rent out your space.  Here are our recommendations on how to provide a safe stay for both hosts and guests.

You will inevitably be offered to take your business outside Airbnb.  Guests will offer to pay you more or stay longer.  We STRONGLY recommend against doing business outside Airbnb whenever possible.

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