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1. accepting & declining requests

You should reply to requests immediately, or at least within the hour (during working hours).  


When you accept a request, make sure that you send your guest a short welcome message letting them know you look forward to hosting them and that a welcome email with information on their stay will be coming in the future.

“Dear (GUEST NAME), We are looking forward to your visit! We will be sending you a welcome email with information on your trip a few days before your arrival. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime”

If the guest is checking in within the next 30 days, you can forego this email and send them your welcome email instead.  A sample welcome email can be found in the next section.


If you must decline a request for any reason, make sure you are honest with Airbnb.  If you feel uncomfortable with the guest or your place is not a good fit (too many guests, children, pets), you can legitimately decline and leave your calendar open.  Make sure you write to the guest, let them know why you are declining, and invite them to book in the future and/or if circumstances change.

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