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7. complete host profile

Airbnb provides several ways to verify your identity and shows potential guests how many of them you have provided.  Provide as many verifications as possible to show your guests you are a serious host.  This is especially important when you are starting out and have no reviews.  New guests are always concerned about scams and verifications will go a long way.


As you build up your reviews, references will also go a long way into convincing potential guests that you are not a scam.  Connect your Airbnb and Facebook accounts to find out what friends or coworkers are already on Airbnb as guests or hosts and ask them to write a reference for you.


Make sure that you fill out every section in your profile and that you update it at least once a year.

Your hosting profile is where you introduce yourself to your guests, but most of all, it is where you prove that you are a serious business and you are not a scam.  Include a recent picture of yourself.  Make sure the picture is recent, clear and that your face is visible.  It doesn’t have to be a professional picture of you in a suit, but no bathing suits, nudity, old rave pictures, sexy Halloween costumes, etc.

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