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VII. Success from the start

Listings featured in the first page of an Airbnb search are the ones that get the most reservations.  The closer your listing is to the first page of a search, the more likely you are to rent your place. 

There are several factors that determine where your listing appears on a search, including:

  • Location

  • Positive reviews and ratings

  • Superhost status

  • Instant booking

  • Pricing

  • Responsiveness

It is also important to make sure your listing is 100% complete, as this will also affect visibility.

As you begin to welcome guests, expect the unexpected to arise.  You cannot be prepared for everything, but you can be prepared to respond quickly and professionally.

Superhosts are Airbnb’s most experienced and professional hosts.  According to Airbnb, Superhosts make an average of 22 percent more than regular hosts on the platform.

Complaints and negative feedback can be one of the most difficult parts of being a short-term host.  However, complaints should never be ignored and are always an opportunity to improve. 

After a few months, it is always a good idea to reevaluate your pricing, amenities, cleaning procedures, or anything else that comes up. 

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