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4. dos and don'ts

  • It will happen that a guest will ask for an early check in before the unit is clean.  We would strongly recommend against this. No matter how much a guest says they don’t care, you will not get another chance to make a first impression.  Offer to allow them to drop their bags off if you or the cleaner can meet them at the door, but otherwise, letting them see your space in disarray is not a good idea.

  • Always communicate promptly and clearly with your guests.  Shoot for answering all communication within 20 minutes of receiving it.

  • Update your calendar on the site daily to appear you are an active host.

  • Update your listing every few months.  Airbnb is always making changes and you may be missing out on potential guests if you haven’t kept up with updates in the site.

  • NEVER cancel a reservation.  It heavily impacts your ratings and your eligibility for Superhost status. You will have to wait a year after the date of your cancellation to be eligible to be a Superhost. If you are not sure if you can host someone, don’t accept the reservation in the first place.  One reservation cancellation can put your entire business in peril.

  • Don’t do business outside Airbnb. It may be tempting to save the whole three percent that you pay Airbnb but we strongly advise against it.  Renting on your own, you take on all the responsibility and liability.

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