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Style Guide

10 Popular Armchair Styles for Every Room

The 10 most popular armchairs available today


Style Guide

5 Game-Changing Room Hacks

For under $200

Modern Dining Room

Style Guide

10 Dining Chair Styles I Love Right Now

There's a chair for every style and every budget.  These are my favorites at the moment

Opening Door to Home Office

Style Guide

Door Dilemma: is it ever ok for a door to open into a hallway?

Whether a door should open into a hallway or not depends on several factors. The layout of the space, the purpose of the door, and personal preferences should all be considered when making this decision.


Style Guide

Popular Rug Types & Styles

A comprehensive list of the most popular rug types in use today


Style Guide

5 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Larger 

These tried- and -true tips will help you make that little room your favorite one in the house

Modern Bedroom

Style Guide

4 Design Styles for Guys

Men like decor too!  Here are 4 styles for your bachelor (or bachelorette) pad.  

Queen BR IG fin_3.jpg

Style Guide

Room and Furniture Layout Guides

An expanding guide to how to place your furniture and lay out your room


Style Guide

7 Ways to Make a Ceiling Feel Higher

Time- tested methods to make your space feel light and airy


Style Guide

3 Indoor Plants I Love

Guaranteed to get you started on your way to an indoor jungle

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