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10 Dining Chair Styles We Love

Dining chairs can be difficult to select.  Below are 10 styles we are currently obsessed with.

1. Traditional Bentwood

Bentwood chair.png

The art of bending wood with steam was perfected by German cabinet maker Michael Thonet in the early to mid- 1800s. Bentwood chairs come in many styles, have withstood the test of time, and can be found today in many homes and businesses.    

Bentwood chairs are recommended for informal, airy living rooms and kitchens.  They work well with rustic and bohemian decor.  Mix a variety of bentwood styles in the same stain and type of wood to add a little interest and playfulness to your table. 

2. Industrial Cafe / Tolix 

TolixA chair.png

The Industrial cafe or Tolix "A Chair" was created by French zinc roofer Xavier Pauchard.  It first appeared on the market in 1927 and is still popular today.  

The chairs, originally made for outdoor cafes, are weather resistant (the holes in the seat are for rainwater to drain), durable, and easily stackable for compact storage

The Tolix "A Chair" is not only still used in many outdoor cafes, but in other commercial spaces and private homes.

These chairs would make a great addition to any industrial or modern dining room, and also work well as a contrasting piece in a rustic or farmhouse setting.

3. French Country

French country chair.png

Popular in the 1700s, French country chairs were created for the bourgeoise as a more affordable and simple answer to the expensive and intricate Rococo style of the noble classes.  These chairs feature comfortable upholstery and generally lighter-toned wood.  

French country chairs go well with a farmhouse or contemporary style, as well as with other classic styles.  You can play with the upholstery and finish to add interest and color to your dining room.  

4. Eames Molded Plastic

Eames melded plastic chair.png

Born out of the 1948 "shell" design by Charles and Ray Eames, the melded plastic chair was introduced to the market in 1951 by Herman Miller.  Originally made of fiberglass, the Eames side chair is now made of plastic.  This chair is also know as an Eiffel chair because of the construction of the legs. 

Today, these chairs can be found in homes, restaurants and offices around the world.  They are easy to maintain and are great for a young family. 

This style of chair is made for mid-century style and goes well with industrial and modern styles.

5. Cross Back

cross back chair.png

Ubiquitous in French bistros during the 1900s, cross back chairs are still popular today due to their airiness and versatility.  Cross back chairs are similar to bentwood chairs, but instead of curved wood backs, feature two slabs in the shape of an X, giving them their other name, X-back chairs.

These chairs go well in a rustic, vintage, or farmhouse dining room. 

6. Modern/contemporary bentwood

Contemporary bentwood.png

Modern or contemporary bentwood, as the name implies, is a modern take on the traditional bentwood chair. Many of these chairs are in themselves statement pieces, yet minimal and elegant.

These chairs work well with mid century, contemporary and modern dining rooms.


7. Windsor

Windsor chair.png

Originating in the early 1700s in the English town of Windsor, Windsor chairs are made of wood and feature a spindle back and splayed legs. 

These chairs are great for a traditional or classic dining room and compliment farmhouse, rustic and contemporary styles.  

8. Ghost

Ghost chiar.png

The Lois Ghost chair was designed by Philippe Starck in 2002 for Kartell, and has become a modern classic.  Versatile, inexpensive, stackable and perfect for small spaces, the ghost chair has several imitators, but only one true original.

The ghost chair looks good with almost any style, and comes in several colors. 

9. Wishbone 

Wishbone chair.png

The Wegner Wishbone or CH24 chair was designed in 1949 by Hans J. Wegner exclusively for Carl Hansen & Søn.  In this design, the curved wood back and Y-shaped armrest form a single piece, giving the chair its distinctive look.


This chair is ideal for modern, rustic, and minimal dining rooms. They pair well with Windsor and bentwood chairs.


10. Benches & stools


Benches and stools are a stylish way to soften the formality of a room and allow for more seating.


They go with most modern, transitional and contemporary styles.  Rustic and Farmhouse are perfect styles to match with benches and stools.

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