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5. management companies

As short-term rentals have become more popular, so have management companies catered specifically to Airbnb and other platforms.  While they take a large chunk of your earnings, a management company may still make sense for you.

When choosing a management company, make sure they have a good reputation as hosts on Airbnb and that the company is managed professionally.  Accept nothing less than a verified Superhost with no less than a 4.8 rating. 

Managers can be a good idea, but they can often neglect your listing in favor of others.  Cleaning and communication may suffer if your management company is not professional and detail-oriented.  

Make sure your payment agreement and everyone’s responsibilities and expectations are clearly spelled out in your contract.  These should include:

  • Communication: message turnover time

  • Cleaning checklist

  • Communication of problems

  • Who is responsible for cleaning

  • Who is responsible for cleaning supplies

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the calendar

  • Who is responsible for maintenance requests

  • Who lets in contractors

  • Who pays bills

  • Who does the laundry

  • Early check-in, check out, luggage requests

  • Binder/website maintenance

  • Payment

  • Hours 

Expect nothing less than five stars for every trip on your listing and make sure you follow up with the management company when a guest complains.  You are paying the management a large percentage of your earnings for their services and you should expect nothing less than perfection.

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