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2. communication

Communication matters…a lot.

Communication is another factor that your guests rate you on.  Make sure to download the Airbnb cell phone app, and set your phone to receive message alerts so that you can get any requests or messages immediately.  


From 8 am to 8 pm, it is important to answer all communication within the hour.  I shoot for 20 minutes.  When I’m driving or otherwise can’t come to the phone, I have a saved message that I copy and paste:

“Hello! Thank you for reaching out.  I am currently away from my desk but will get back to you within the hour.  Please text or call me at (NUMBER) if this is an emergency.”

Always let your guests know that communicating through Airbnb is your preferred method, that way you will always have a record of what was said.

Communication is one of the areas guests rate you on, so it is important that you communicate clearly, promptly and positively. I always preface most inquiries and initial emails with a phrase like “we are looking forward to hosting you!” or “It would be our pleasure to host you next week!”

Always start and end all your messages with a positive sentence. It makes every exchange with your guests that much more enjoyable and raises your chances of getting a five-star communication rating.

Have a response for (almost) everything

As you start your hosting business, you’ll find that you are writing the same message over and over again. Have prepared responses to frequent questions and situations.  Here are some of the situations that we find most common:

Booking email

You should send a guest an email immediately after they book.  It should contain a warm greeting and brief information regarding their trip.   

“Dear (GUEST NAME), We are looking forward to your visit! We will be sending you a welcome email a few days before your arrival, with information on your trip. Please let us know if you have any questions”

 A welcome email can be very helpful for your guests and lets them know what to expect before they arrive. Your welcome email should include:

Welcome email

  • A warm greeting


  • Clear check in and checkout instructions


  • Wifi network name and password


  • Your contact info


  • Emergency contact info


  • Link to your site (if you have one)


  • House rules


  • A warm closing

Directions & transportation info

Go to Google maps and copy and paste step by step directions to your rental from major transportation hubs in your area, including airports, train stations, ports and local points of interest.  Make sure to include direction for driving, public transportation, and walking.

If you use a lockbox/keyless entry system, either set your lockbox instructions on your listing’s Guest Resources page, or send your guests an email either the day before or the morning of their check in.  Make sure that the instructions are clear and that the keys are actually in the lockbox (you can't imagine how many times they are not).  Also, make sure someone is available to answer messages and phone calls at the time of your guest’s check-in in case your guest has trouble getting in.

Keyless entry/lockbox email

Next day email

Send your guests a short message the day after they arrive, if they are staying longer than a day. Just let them know that you are available and that you hope they have a nice trip.

Good morning! I hope you got in OK and that everything in the apartment is to your satisfaction :) Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need anything.  Enjoy your stay!

You should always review your guests. Reviews show Airbnb that you are a committed host and are a requirement for Superhost status. Reviews also help other hosts in deciding whether to host a guest. Being honest and friendly in your reviews is another good way to attract repeat business.


See more on reviews in section VIII


Thank you/ discount message

Airbnb allows you to leave your guests a private message in the review section, after you’ve left a public review.  Always use this section to thank your guests for their stay and make sure to offer them a discount on their return.  

We offer guests a 10% discount on the nightly price (not including taxes and fees).  It doesn’t really affect our bottom line and the value of the return business well outweighs the cost.  We have a steady stream of returning business and pleasure guests that make up a large percentage of our rentals.  These guests are more than valuable and we make sure to make them feel special.

Thanks so much for your visit! Come back any time for 10% the nightly rate at any of our properties (just remind me you’re a returning guest when you book). Safe travels and thanks again!

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