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2. Writing reviews

You should always review your guests.  Reviews show Airbnb that you are a committed host and are a requirement for Superhost status.  Reviews also help other hosts in deciding whether to host a guest.  Being honest and friendly in your reviews is also a good way to attract repeat business.

It is important to review most if not all of your guests.  Not only does it encourage them to review you, which helps build your reputation, the number of reviews you leave for guests is taken into account by Airbnb in order to award Superhost status.  You need to review your guests at least 50 percent of the time to get Superhost status.

Besides leaving a personalized review, a host rates guests on:

  • Cleanliness

  • Communication

  • Respect of house rules

  • Would you host this guest again (Yes or No)

I have about 10 review templates that I change the names for and copy and paste into the review section for each guest.  I have a couple for women, a couple for men, a couple for couples, and a couple for exceptional guests.

Other hosts often find detailed reviews on a guest’s communication, cleanliness, and whether they followed rules very helpful, so try to add a bit of information on how the guest did on each.

It was a pleasure to host Scott! He was friendly, kept us updated of his travel plans, and left the unit very clean.  We'd recommend him to all other hosts and would love to host him again!

Samantha and Adam were amazing guests! They kept us updated of their travel plans, were very friendly, and left the unit very clean. We'd recommend them to all other hosts and hope to host them again in the future!

Sarah was a fantastic guest! She was friendly, easy to communicate with, and left the unit very clean. We'd recommend her to all other hosts and hope to host her again!

I try not to be critical or to leave a negative message for a guest unless they have been exceptionally bad.  Of about 1,200 guests, I have left two negative reviews.  If I didn’t like the person, I’ll simply say something like “Thanks so much for your visit!” and leave it at that.  I will, however, not hesitate to give them low star ratings on whatever applies, and indicate that I will not host them again.  But being nasty is never a good look for a host, so I try to keep the criticism in the written portion of the review to a minimum.

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