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3. managing keys is the key

Keys are an item that doesn’t get addressed often but is nevertheless very important.  Master the following key hacks to make your life as a host easier.

Eliminate the need to give guests extra keys

A lockbox can solve the problem of having to make several sets of keys for guests who want more than one set.  They can just leave the keys in the lockbox every time they leave the rental, that way the keys will always be there for the first person returning home.

NEVER give out your last set of keys

Make two or three more sets of keys than you think you are going to need because you never want to give your guests the last set of keys and risk getting locked out.  Even if you have to run and get an extra set or ask the guest to leave your set in the lockbox, never put yourself in the position of being locked out. 

Don’t write the address on your keychain

If your guests lose their keys, having your address on the keychain could expose you and your guests to break ins, and force you to have to change your locks immediately.  If the key set includes a key to your building, you will need to notify building management and may be responsible for the cost of changing the lock and providing new keys to all tenants.

Check out instructions: Where to leave the key

Make sure your checkout instructions make it clear where your guests should leave the keys when they check out.  They can leave them in the unit in a designated spot like the coffee table or dining table, or they can leave them back in the lockbox. Here are our checkout instructions, included in our welcome email, our binder, and our website:

Check out: 
Check out is at 11 am. Please let us know your approximate check out time. When checking out, please leave the keys on the coffee table, and lock the apartment door from the inisde.

Let us know if you have a later flight or train and we will try our best to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to accommodate everyone, but we will certainly try. In any case, we can store your luggage after check out in a locked storage room in the basement of the building.

Leaving the key in the lockbox can make it easier for your cleaning person and other maintenance people to access your rental.

Make it a habit to leave keys in the lockbox after cleaning

Leaving keys in the lockbox after cleaning eliminates you having to make the extra trip to leave keys in the lockbox for a guest or a cleaning person.  If you make leaving keys in the lockbox after cleaning, whether you clean the unit yourself or have a service clean, you will ensure that you and your guests always have a way to access the rental.

Important safety consideration

A lockbox left open by a guest could pose a security issue.  Make sure you instruct your guests to close the lockbox properly if they are going to leave keys in it.

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