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Table and chairs


Ghost chairs are great for small spaces and are sturdier than they look.  

They work well as dining chars as well as desk chairs. They clean up easily and are pretty resilient.

Accent chairs are a great way to add drama to a room, fill up a wall, and add extra seating in small spaces. We have used these chairs in one or more of our properties and they have all held up well and are easy to clean.

Tables have not been as easy as chairs. The bench and table were inexpensive, but the table top has not been as durable as we'd like, showing a few water stains. The white table has been better, but  has a few scratches. 










Sofa/love seat/futon

If you don't want extra guests sleeping on your sofa, don't get a sofa bed or futon.  However, if you plan to fit more guests into your rental and plan to have some guests sleep on the sofa or futon, make sure that you get a good quality futon or sofa bed with a good mattress.

The futon below (left) was a great price and has held up nicely, even though we don't advertise it as a bed on our listing, so it doesn't get a lot of serious wear.










Coffee table

Coffee tables get a lot of wear and tear and it is difficult to find one that holds up well. We've had better luck with glass and plastic than we have with wood pieces.  




Bed or futon/sofa bed

(keep in mind that many guests do not like to sleep on a futon or sofa bed, and Airbnb asks you to specify if you are offering a “real bed”).  We have had tremendous success with "beds in a box."  We use Zinus products and couple them with the headboards for a very low price.  Our guests love the beds and we have had very few-if any-complaints.





















Night stands

Night sands should be functional but small, without too many drawers or other places where guests can forget items.  Spindle tables do not take up too much space and are easy to clean around.









We recommend getting a smart TV, which will allow you to provide your guests with Netflix and Apple TV without having to buy extra hardware.  

White sheets and towels*

We recommend getting at least 2 sets of sheets per bed; we have 4 per bed.  We also recommend white sheets and towels in order to make washing easier. We bleach all our whites every time.


Set of pillows

We recommend one set for each bed +1 extra set for the closet. Try to get pillows with different levels of firmness, that way your guests are more likely to find a pillow that suits them.  Investing in one good set of pillows can be a good idea, but need not be your first priority when setting up your rental.








Blanket/ comforter

You will need blankets and/or comforters, depending on your location. 

Bed coverings/decorative pillows

Bed coverings and decorative pillows are a big part of making your space unique.  Make sure you select items that are durable and easy to clean.

Mattress and pillow protectors

Mattress and pillow protectors are important in keeping your property free of bedbugs and avoiding embarrassing stains.  





Full plate service (we recommend Corelle)

You will need a set of plates that is durable and can be replaced easily.  We have used white Corelle plates at all of our rentals with great results. Make sure to choose a color and style that is easy to replace piece by piece. 







Flatware & serving utensils

Like plates, make sure your flatware is durable and easy to replace.









Cooking utensils (spoon, spatula, etc.)

Cooking utensils have to be replaced often, so don't spend too much.  













Set of knives

Knives are another item that guests tend to treat "roughly" and have to be replaced often.  Don't spend too much, but make sure to provide your guests with a reasonably decent knife set.














Cutting board

Have at least 2 cutting boards for your guests



Set of glasses

Buy twice as many glasses as you think you will need and store them to replace when they break. 











Set of wine glasses

Set of mugs

Small set of pots and pans

Most guests don't do much cooking beyond heating something in the toaster of microwave or making breakfast.  However, if you are going to advertise a fully-stocked kitchen, you need to provide enough pots and pans for your guest to be able to cook a basic meal.

Coffee maker

Some guests can be quite particular about coffee.  Make sure you list what king of coffee maker you have on your listing in order to avoid endless questions.  Some hosts provide pod coffee makers, but we find that they don't make sense financially for us and they are not environmentally friendly.  We instead provide our guests with a small pack of good coffee and an two coffee-making options: drip or French press.




Toaster/ toaster oven

Microwave oven


Kettles take a lot of abuse and begin to look rusty and stained in a short time.  We've found that in the long run, spending a little more on a kettle saves money.  We've also started with electric kettles in some of our units with good results.






Can opener

Kitchen towel

Get towels that are durable and can be washed easily. 









Trash can

Trash cans can get dirty easily and look gross quickly.  Make sure you get a can that is easy to clean and does not have many nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate.






Clothes hangers

Hair dryer




Get a big one so people don’t take it




Mop & bucket


If you're going to clean yourself, get a good mop and bucket.  We highly recommend the O-Cedar.



Vacuum cleaner

We love Shark products.  For smaller and even medium-sized units, the smaller vacuum is lightweight and powerful enough.  The larger vacuums are great for bigger jobs.

3-ring binder or plastic brochure holder

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