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DIY Room Divider/

There's something about screens that I find so romantic...

However, they are difficult to find (at least here in Greece), expensive, and don't often go with my decor style.  

That's why when I saw the IKEA hack for a screen I knew I had to try it.  Of course I will be doing one with cane in the future, but I decided to try one with fabric first.  What I like about fabric is that the possibilities are endless- you can literally coordinate it with almost every style.

TIP: use a coordinating or complimentary fabric on your screen to pull a look together 


I used:

  • 4 IKEA IVAR side elements (30 cm X 179 cm)

  • White paint

  • 2 yards of fabric

  • 9 hinges

  • Wood screws

  • Drill

  • Stapler

IKEA Ivar side element.png

STEP 1: Paint the IVAR side units and allow to dry completely, at least overnight.

STEP 2: Measure and cut the fabric to fit the openings in the IVAR units, leaving 5-10 cm extra fabric on every side.  ***Also, keep in mind that the middle panel is smaller than the outer panels in each unit.

Painted IVAR.png
View recent photos (2).png

STEP 3: Fold the extra fabric at the edges of each panel and iron to help guide you when you are ready to staple them to the side units.

STEP 4: Use painter's tape on the side of each unit to guide where you want your staples to go

measure and fold fabric.jpg
View recent photos (4).png

STEP 5: Staple fabric along the inside of the IVAR units, following the blue tape. Make sure you pull the fabric tight as you staple to prevent bunching or bubbling.  

DIY Screen step 5.png

STEP 6: Join the units by using three hinges per joint and alternating between the front and back of the units to ensure and accordion-type fold 

DIY Screen joining.jpg

Let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the video on Instagram

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