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4. co-hosts

If you do not have enough time to run certain aspects of your Airbnb business, Airbnb can connect you with experienced hosts in your area that offer an array of services, from completely taking over the running of your Airbnb to helping you set up or manage guest communication.

You can also add a friend or employee as a co-host to help you communicate with guests, manage your calendar, etc.  A co-host can be incredibly helpful when you need to travel or want to go on vacation.  You can still manage many parts of your business remotely, including communication and running your dashboard, but you should always have a local point of contact. 

When you add a co-host, you can assign them a percentage of your revenue and Airbnb can pay them directly.  You can add up to three co-hosts per listing.

To add a co-host:

  • Go to your Listings

  • Select the listing you want to add a co-host to, and click on edit

  • Select co-hosts under the listing title and follow the prompts

You can add contact information for your co-host, make them the primary host, or turn on shared earnings. 

There are several ways in which you can share your earnings with the co-host.  You can assign your co-host a percentage of your earnings, or a fixed amount.  If your co-host is responsible for cleaning, you can also have Airbnb pay your cleaning fees directly to a particular co-host.

When you assign your co-host a percentage of your earnings, you can also assign a minimum amount to pay your co-host.

The co-host page also allows you to see a record of activity, showing which co-host accepted a reservation or edited the listing.

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