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Table and chairs (enough to sit your maximum number of guests)

Sofa or loveseat

Coffee table

Bed or futon/sofa bed (keep in mind that many guests do not like to sleep on a futon or sofa bed, and Airbnb asks you to specify if you are offering a “real bed”)



White sheets and towels* (at least 2 sets per bed; we have 4)

Set of pillows +1 extra set for the closet

Blanket/ comforter

Bed coverings/decorative pillows

Mattress and pillow protectors

Full plate service (we recommend Corelle)

Set of silverware

Set of knives

Cutting board

Set of glasses

Set of wine glasses

Set of mugs

Small set of pots and pans

Coffee maker

Toaster/ toaster oven



Cooking utensils (spoon, spatula, etc.)


Can opener

Kitchen towel

Trash can

Clothes hangers

Hair dryer

Umbrella (get a big one so people don’t take it)

Mop & bucket (if you're going to clean)

Vacuum cleaner(if you're going to clean)

3-ring binder or plastic brochure holder

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