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1. Do you have time to host?

While short-term hosting can be very profitable, it is also incredibly time consuming.  To be a Superhost, you need to put your guests first.  They are spending their vacation at your property and—within reason—their comfort and satisfaction come first.

Superhosts are Airbnb’s most experienced, top-rated hosts.  Superhosts must meet certain criteria to earn their status, and are evaluated four times per year.  Superhosts receive a number of perks and, according to Airbnb, they earn an average of 22 percent more than other hosts.

  • Hosting requires a lot of time spent cleaning, doing laundry, scheduling, greeting guests, and answering their inquiries. 


  • You must also keep in mind that you will be working while most people are on vacation and that your busiest dates may be during holidays. 


  • You need to be flexible and responsive to your guests’ schedule and communication must be prompt.  Guests aren’t always considerate and you will be answering late-night calls and emails.  It all comes with the territory.


While we have a few tips for streamlining your business, there is no avoiding the amount of time it takes to be a successful host.

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