Weekend Bathroom Refresh

Week 3 of my DIY a Week Challenge

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We didn't have the time for a complete bathroom remodel, but our old master bath tiles were getting really old and looking dated and dingy.  I was ready to give up and call in a contractor, when I discovered that you can actually paint bathroom tile.  I decided to give it a try and love the results.  I used flat white "Todo Terreno" paint by Beissier.

This bathroom is not finished yet, I ordered black hardware and got a new light, which should be installed by next week.  I am also thinking of painting the floor and maybe painting some kind of design on the wall tiles.

This project should take two days or less, and it is easy and fun.  You'll love the results, especially the price.

For the decor, I got a cute rug at Jumbo Greece for € 7.99, and the rest were things I already had at home.

This is what my bathroom looked like on Friday:


Clean, then paint the tile.  I used "Todo Terreno" white paint from Beissier and applied three coats.  It dried quickly, so I only waited about an hour or two between coats.


Add plants.  There are several plants I am loving right now, and all are great for a bathroom. I also added some wall art and the top of an olive ladder as a towel rack. 


Add many, many candles with interesting holders.  This will add color and texture.  Nothing makes a space look better than candlelight.


Add towel storage, fairy lights, and a cute rug.


Add some rocks and driftwood.


Add a towel for a pop of color, and you're DONE!


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