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Like many beginners to the world of design, I was initially intimidated by SketchUp.  I also knew that it would be indispensable to my new design career.

As I looked for courses, I was blown away by how expensive it was to just learn SketchUp, but when I tried to use it, I realized why.  SketchUp is not easy to learn.  HOWEVER, it does not have to cost thousands or take months to learn to use it competently.

In 30 days I learned how to go from barely being able to draw a line to this for less than $10:

It may not be perfect, and I know I have a very long way to go before I really master SketchUp, but I am producing working, attractive and realistic models that I can use in my interior design business.

Learning SketchUp requires time and focus, but it can be done in a short time and for a relatively low price.  All you need to do is follow the 4 steps in my crash course curriculum:

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