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Bedroom Layouts

Queen BR IG PNG_1.png

As a general rule, 60 cm (2') should be left around a bed for comfortable traffic.  The recommended area in front of a closet is 92 cm (3') and in front of a dresser is 75 cm (2'6"). At least 120 cm (4') should be left between a bed and a desk or dressing table in order to comfortably fit a chair and allow enough room to move around.

Queen BR IG PNG_3.png

Beds are usually between 40 and 60 cm high when measuring to the top of the mattress.  A night table should be the same height or a few cm/in above the top of the mattress.

Twin for IG JPEGS_1.png

The guidelines for spacing twin beds are the same, with the addition of a minimum of 60 cm (2') between beds.

Average Headboard height

headboard heights.jpg
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