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Pothos Propagation

Week 1 of our DIY a Week Challenge

Pothos is one of our favorite plants.  Not only is it virtually impossible to kill, it is also very easy to propagate.  Here is what you will need:

  • pothos plant with long vines to cut (over 2 feet long)

  • Clean pair of scissors (clean blades with alcohol prior to cutting)

  • Glass or vase

To propagate:

pothos  cutting.JPG

1. Cut the vine at the edge of the pot.  Make sure the vine you are cutting is over 2 feet long for best results.




2. Cut in between each leaf, leaving about half an inch of vine on each side.


3. Place in a glass or vase and fill with water, making sure both vine ends are submerged.  Place in a bright, warm spot and change the water every other day.

4. Your pothos cuttings are ready to plant in soil once the roots are between 1 and 2 inches long. Note that the longer you wait to plant, the more difficult it will be for the cutting to acclimate to a new medium (soil).


5. Fill a planter with potting soil and use a chopstick to make holes for your cuttings.

planting pothos.JPG

6. Gently place the cuttings inside the soil, making sure that the roots don't bend too much or break.  Use the chopstick to make room.

pothos cutting pot.JPG

7. Water thoroughly and place in a sunny spot.  Water more than usual for the first few days, as the roots acclimate to the soil.  When new leaves begin to sprout, you can water once a week, or when the soil feels dry.  

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