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Master Bedroom  Refresh

This master bedroom got a total makeover, complete with moving the bed, adding a dressing area, and newly-painted closet doors with new hardware. Plants add color and life, while pillows and a blanket add texture.  The artwork is a mix of styles, but adding picture shelves instead of putting artwork up on the wall with nails allow for a quick change without any work.


The room was perfectly adequate for a summer vacation rental, but it was too cold and impersonal for a home.  The first thing we did was to orient the bed in a way to give its occupants a view of the ocean.  We updated the furniture and changed the wall colors to a light blue/grey.

New Color on walls


Bed moved

For a view of the ocean

We updated the lighting, adding pendant side lamps to free up room on the nightstands.  


We also added some picture shelves, one above the bed, and another above the radiator by the French doors.  These shelves are just wide enough to get a small vase or basket on them as well as your favorite artwork. 

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