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This was a really fun project and turned an old IKEA table left by the previous homeowners from something I hid in the basement into one of my favorite pieces.

It also solidified two core principles I adhere to when I DIY:

  • Use good quality materials

  • NEVER ever throw any spare or extra materials away, if you have the room to store them. No matter how small, you will probably find a use for a scrap of good-quality material.  

I started out with this IKEA table that I don't think they even make anymore


I went into my stash and pulled out extra material from three previous projects.

I painted the table with two coats of "Todo Terreno" paint.  I didn't sand or prime.  The first coat did not go on too well, but once it dried, the second coat was a breeze and looks gorgeous


I then measured and cut the rattan to fit the drawer and sides of the table.  I used a glue gun to adhere it.


I then found a few scraps of self-adhesive wallpaper from the powder room and adhered it to the sides of the drawer for a little surprise. 


I love the finished product so much that it probably won't be relegated to the basement for too much longer.

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