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Fireplace Renovation

The fireplace is often the focal point of a room, and can be even more imposing in an open floorpan.  The fireplace was the easiest design choice I made in this Greek home: it had to go.

We considered many styles as well as brainstormed what kind of mantel we wanted to set the tone for the vision I had for this house.  I wanted something airy, modern and simple, yet still reflective of the beautiful greek setting.   


We settled for equalling the width above and below the old pine mantel using drywall to fill the gap in the narrower top part.  We also decided on no mantel and a darker, marble border.   

We hung some old beekeeping frames that my mother and I found while on a walk two winters ago.  This region is known for its thyme honey and apiaries are common, especially around where we live due to the abundance of wild thyme.


As the weather is getting warmer, I decided to style the fireplace for the summer by painting the ends of some of the logs.  I love the extra pop of color.

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