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Sea Urchin Display

Sea urchin skeletons are the one thing that really says "Greece" to me.  They are ubiquitous where we live and everyone I know has tons and tons of them that they have collected over the years.  I'm right there.  I have two large glass bowls filled with sea urchins of every size and color.  

I saw this idea on Instagram and knew I had to try it.  I didn't even have to buy anything to get it done.


  • Flat stone (leftover from a construction project)

  • Felt protectors

  • Disposable wood chopstick

  • Glue gun + glue

  • Sea urchin skeletons

STEP 1: Adhere the felt protectors to the bottom side of the stone (this will protect your table surfaces)


STEP 2: Using a glue gun, glue the chopstick vertically to the top side of the stone and let dry for 10 minutes.


STEP 3: Stack as desired until the chopstick is no longer visible.


Check out this and 30-second videos of all my DIYs on my Instagram Reels.

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