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7. expanding

We opened our second Airbnb within six months of opening our first and after two years we had four units for rent on the site.  We opened another large Airbnb, our fifth, but city ordinances forced us to shut down.  It was actually a blessing in disguise, because four units is probably our maximum. 

If your first Airbnb is successful, you’ll be itching to open more.  Make sure you realize that while a second Airbnb is a lot more money, it is also a lot more work and the potential for confusion is multiplied. 

The one good thing about having more than one unit is that you will have more cleaning services willing to work with you and work on your schedule.


I once had two sets of guests arriving on the same day.  I thought I’d checked, but I put the first guests who arrived in the wrong unit.  I only realized it half an hour later.  I was able to resolve the issue with minimal stress for everyone involved but me, but if the guests hadn’t been so cool, it could have been a lot worse.

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