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4 Design Styles for Men

While we don't encourage labels, there are a few design styles that men and boys tend to gravitate toward.  These are great for designing a bachelor pad, home office, basement, or teenager's room.  


Inspired by factories and other industrial spaces, industrial design features exposed walls, visible pipes, concrete, bare, pendant lights, and steel surfaces.  Subway tiles, factory windows, steel counters, and black or copper fixtures are used in kitchens and bathrooms.


Grey, black and white colors are predominant, as are rusts and browns.

Mid-century Modern

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 17.03.02.png

Mid-century modern is characterized by gentle curves, clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a mixture of textures and materials.  Functional furniture,


Patters are simple and include geometric figures,  a range of color are also traits of this design style.


Rustic Bathroom Sink

Rustic design can describe an array of styles, but they all share a simple aesthetic, with aged pieces, inspired by nature and using organic products like stone, wood, rope, and burlap.  Rustic styles include coastal, farmhouse, lodge, cottage, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and many more. 


Colors are earthy and natural, patterns include checks, stripes, and plaids. Colors are natural and earthy.


Modern Design

Minimal design focuses on function and pares living spaces down to the essentials.  Clutter is eliminated and clean lines are accentuated.  Less is always more when designing a minimal room.

Colors are subdued and neutral, with similar accompanying tones.

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