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Modern Bedroom


A low ceiling may be difficult to work with, but not impossible to deal with.  While it is virtually impossible to actually change the ceiling height in the room, especially on a budget, there are many ways to make the ceiling feel higher.

1- Eliminate horizontal lines

Modern Home

Try to eliminate or camouflage any horizontal lines, including baseboards, molding, and widow & door trim. If you cannot remove, paint the same color as the walls. 

2- Emphasize vertical lines

Striped Wallpaper

If you are going to use wallpaper, go with a vertical motif.  If you are using trim on the wall, consider board and batten and avoid any emphasis on horizontal lines. 

3- Go with a bright ceiling

Modern Bathroom

Light colors make objects appear to recede, therefore a bright color on your ceiling will make it feel higher.  White is the brightest color and should be a serious consideration if you want your ceiling to appear higher. 

TIP: Use a High-gloss finish on your ceiling for a more dramatic look

4- Go "naked"

Spacious Living Room

In certain rooms, you can gain a foot or more of space by exposing covered beams and other structural elements.  For extra feeling of height, you can paint everything white.

5-Use recessed lighting

White Bathroom

Anything hanging or jutting out of the ceiling will draw attention to how low it is.  Recessed lighting can go a long way in making a ceiling feel higher. 

6- Run the ceiling paint color a few inches down the wall

Modern Living Room

Running the ceiling color a few inches down the wall blurs the ceiling line and tricks your brain into thinking it is higher. 

7- Opt for low furniture

Modern Bedroom

Low furniture has the same psychologial effect as running the ceiling paint a few inches down the wall: it tricks your brain into thinking the ceiling is higher. 

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